Onsite Registration

Onsite-Concierge Solutions

With our Onsite-Concierge Solutions you no longer are tethered to pipe-and-drape and registration counters.
Using tablets, to look up and print a badge allows for more efficient registration and gives you the flexibility to configure the registration area to however you want it and adds an additional customer-centric service aspect to the attendee.

Using our Text-to-Badge, your attendees can have their badge waiting for them when they arrive, no need to preprint anything ahead of time (now you’re green: money-wise and eco-wise)

With our solutions you can have:

Multiple registration areas
Registration areas networked over extended distances- within the convention center or across hotels.

Full-Service Registration
A registration area configured to whichever way best fits your show’s needs.

Whether stand-alone kiosks or a cluster of tablets or laptops, you tell us who, what and how you want to configure this solution.

SMART-Scan “On Demand” badge printing
Attendees can scan their hardcopy confirmation or their confirmation on their preferred smart device.

Attendee Verification
All our onsite solutions automatically track attendance for traffic statistics to sending email reminders to the No-Shows to providing a participation letter.  Show managers can access this information through their onsite, real-time, admin dashboard, (or ask the friendly onsite systems manager to do it).

Hotel Tracking
Keep your hotel room block and pickup counts real-time and accurate.  We can work with any housing provider or hotel partner directly.

CEU/CME Tracking

Event/Seminar Verification and Authentication

Participation Letter Kiosks

Receipt/Agenda printing kiosks