Making It Easy From Development To Data Entry

Advanced Registration

From website development to data entry, to somewhere in between, we make it easy for your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. Our software is truly dynamic and customizable like none other, allowing us to service our clients’ needs quickly and effectively.

We provide a full suite of pre-registration services from attendee/exhibitor registration to event/session management. Our solutions for website development, real-time administrative access, are custom developed, streamlined and scalable with each show’s unique needs considered and addressed. Our expertise in CEU and CME tracking and multi-currency processing along with our API-integration capabilities sets us apart.

Advance Registration for Exhibitors
Tracking and managing badge allotments for exhibitors and groups can be a time consuming, resource draining endeavor.  That is why we automate this process from real-time booth selection to tracking and managing all exhibitor registrations.

For each event, exhibitors register using a separate website. This link can be setup for individual registrations or for group and with creative pricing from 2 for 1 or register 4 get the 5th free or register 3 get subsequent at sliding scale.  Throughout the registration process, the client has the ability to adjust the allotment to accommodate changes to orders.

We collect the data so you can aggregate it how ever you see fit. This helps answer the questions, who attended the conference, what event/activity was the most popular, how many leads did your exhibitors collect and many more.